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Boomers Benefit from Hearing Aids as They Stay in the Workforce Longer

Article from Betterhearing.org
August 9, 2012
The changing demographics of today’s aging workforce require the attention of hearing healthcare professionals to help keep…

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Many of us take our good hearing for granted.  But the fact is, good hearing is a precious commodity, and our ears deserve a little respect.  We need to hear well to…

Waterproof Your Ears

All suited up for the pool or the beach?  Don’t forget your ear gear this summer!  As much fun as water is, it can contribute to severe health problems in your…

How To Understand Your Hearing Test Results

Your ability to hear connects you to the world around you.  Your ears allow you to hear everything from a phone ringing to an ambulance siren, from your grandchild’s…

7 Tips for Breaking The Ice With Loved Ones

Chris Morelli, who writes for Gantdaily.com, suggested that Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, needs a hearing aid based on an interview Paterno provided to a Florida radio…

Hearing Loss in Children -€“ Annual Noisy Toys List

Hearing Loss in Children a€“ Annual Noisy Toys List
Before you make your toy purchases, you must know about a few very noisy toys out there.  Instead of bringing joy to…

Hearing Brings Your World to Life

The ability to hear is such an engrained part of life, we often miss it entirely. It’s just there. 24/7. And so, many of us simply take our hearing health for granted….

One vs. Two Hearing Aids

I have been told I should purchase two hearing aids for my hearing loss. Do I really need to start with two hearing aids or would one for my worse ear be adequate?
If two hearing…

Treating Hearing Loss Important for Alzheimer's and Dementia

If you visit Healthy Hearing often, you know that there is a correlation between hearing loss and certain medical ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, among…


By Kathleen Page, M.A., F.A.A.A., and Lynda Kunis, M.A.
Many of us take our good hearing for granted. But the fact is, good hearing is a precious commodity, and our ears…

Hearing Loss Doesn't Just Affect Hearing . . .

The Personal Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss
One of the…

A Discussion of Eustachian Tube and Middle Ear Problems

The ear is comprised of three portions: an outer ear (external), a middle ear and inner ear. Each part performs an important function in the process of hearing.

A Discussion of Hearing Problems in Children

Five thousand children are born profoundly deaf each year in the United States alone. Another 10 to 15 percent of newborns have a partial hearing handicap.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound which is reported by patients that is unrelated to an external source of stimulation. Tinnitus is a very common disorder.

What is Digital Technology?

The term digital is used so often today, it can be confusing. When a hearing aid is termed digital, it generally means the hearing aid uses 100% digital processing. In other words, the hearing aid is indeed a complete computer.

Hearing Aids: Reasonable Expectations for the Consumer

Since you are considering the purchase of hearing aids, it’s important for you to establish reasonable expectations from these highly sophisticated, miniature devices.

Baby Boomers, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Devices

More baby boomers showing signs of hearing loss.   

More than 31.5 million Americans have some degree of lossa??approximately one in 10 individuals.